2021 Tournament Champions

Congratulations to our 2021

Tournament Winners!

Winning Foursome of the Charity Classic, L to R: Brett Wilson (Oracle), Tim Loch (Cochecho Country Club, stepping in for John Sullivan of Summit Land Development), Stephen Delaney (Sodexo, 2021 Green Jacket Sponsor), Chad Kageleiry (Summit Land Development), and Larry Raiche (Raiche & Company, CPAs).

Morning Shotgun

1st Place –¬† Jeff Carlisle, Jay Howlett, Dan Mulkern and John Mumford (Score of 56)

2nd Place – Michael Curran, Vinnie Lee, Jon Luchette and Jeff Pollock (Score of 60)

3rd Place – George Grenwich, Joe Hartman, Paul Murphy and Mike Vesprini (Score of 60)

4th Place – Jay Cleary, Nick Dalicandro, Jason Petrou and Rich Ryzman (Score of 60)


Afternoon Shotgun

1st Place – Chad Kageleiry, John Sullivan, Larry Raiche and Brett Wilson (Score of 52)

2nd Place – Eric Beauregard, Richie Stover, Josh Trivilino and Michael Whitman (Score of 56)

3rd Place – James Burnham, John Burnham, Richard Conley and David Della Penta (Score of 57)

4th Place – Jim Bingham, Frank Fogg, Bill Greenier and Todd Springer (Score of 61)